Sunday, March 20, 2011

We enrolled Ethan in soccer through a great organization, Little Feet Sports. The coach, Eric, is AMAZING, and Ethan LOVES soccer. The only problem? After 60 minutes of solid running, he is totally wiped out! Ok, so maybe that is not a problem at all.

Pure joy!
And wow, such a happy kid!

All Dressed Up

Dressing up is fun for all of us from time to time. Unfortunately, the reasons for dressing up so formally were not happy, rather the passing of Ethan's great-grandmother Mimi, on February 26, 2011. Nonetheless, Ethan looked great, and was happy to wear such fancy clothes.

At Forest Lawn before the service.
Ethan and his brother, Al Capone
Oh my, a model in the making....
So Nana also got him another suit to wear to the next event, a celebration of Mimi's life!

Growing up at the Biltmore Again

We got to meet my Aunt at the Biltmore for the weekend. We had a terrific time, hanging out in the sun....

Swinging on the grass...
Playing on the playground.....
Building castles with the chess pieces...
And oh yeah, we took the bike and rode it ALL OVER!

Baheem Lives again!

Enough said! Ethan loves the Tiger at the zoo, named Baheem, and loves to dress up as him in the costume Grandma sent him. Watch out though, he will scare you!

Ride that Bike

I think that there are many different ways that a child can learn to ride a bike. Jon and I fell in love with this new method, called a Skuut. This bike, a gift from us to Ethan for his first birthday, finally fits him, and he just LOVES it! The Skuut has no pedals, and Ethan loves zooming down the driveway on his bike.


Ethan also enjoyed riding horses over the Christmas vacation! This year he was brave enough to feed Nana's baby horse himself, and to ride a horse by himself!

In addition, He liked to walk the very big Banana dog, as long as he was wearing his helmet!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beach Babies!

Nothing beats the beach at Christmas!